Use cases

An Advantage for the
Unclaimed Property


Asset Recovery Firms

Recoup your investment in data formatting, management and storage, while claiming more for your customers.  More data source means more revenue.


Joining the Elura network provides you efficient access to more data sources than typically possible using traditional FOIA methods.


Empowering individuals to work from anywhere with a computer and internet connection, while helping return personal and corporate unclaimed property.

How it works

Selling Unclaimed Property Data

Corporations and Asset Recovery firms recover billions of dollars each year, and there’s an estimated $58B-$100B still to be claimed!

Here’s how it works:


Buying & Integration

Purchase directly from the Elura service, or use and integration service provider. Elura is integrated with the largest Asset Recovery SaaS, CoreUCP.

Crowdsourced Blockchain

It’s our goal is to build the largest, freshest, network of unclaimed property data in history, enabling the return of all assets to its rightful owner.

Total anonymity with 100% transactional transparency. You control your information and your data cannot be decrypted, even by us.

Our creators

Leadership and Sponsors

Elura couldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication of many. Below are the primary contributors
to the mission of making all unclaimed property accessible, and returned to it’s rightful owner.


Janisko LLC

Strategic initiative consultants, working as an extension to companies, helping to navigate big change.

Rendered Source

A global custom software development consulting firm, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Public Contributors

From a private citizen to a large asset recovery company, anyone can be a part of the Elura network.

~$ 0 B
Estimated Amount
Corporations and citizens have billions of dollars unclaimed, just sitting at the state and local level. By joining the Elura network, you will help in returning this money as well as creating jobs and improving peoples lives.
>$ 0 B
More Likely Amount

Connect With Elura

Interested in becoming an integration partner or contributing to the mission? We’d like to hear from you! Corporate sponsorship and adoption will be the driving force in the success of Elura.